About Us


The Strathcona County Heritage Foundation will ensure that the Strathcona County Museum & Archives provides an ongoing vibrant, valued and educational community service for the public.


The Strathcona County Heritage Foundation collects, preserves, promotes and displays the history and heritage of Strathcona County, for local and surrounding area residents, through the operation of the Strathcona County Museum & Archives.


The Strathcona County Heritage Foundation values, guide the Strathcona County Museum & Archive’s current operations and future development.


  • create community partnerships where all parties have goals and are contributing to each other’s success
  • work together to increase the reach and impact of our endeavours
  • work collaboratively with people in the community to identify issues to help determine what role the museum plays in making a difference


  • use the creativity and ingenuity of staff and volunteers to identify new or better solutions to meet our objectives
  • identify ways to utilize emerging technologies

Service Excellence:

  • support and respond to stakeholders’ needs
  • be responsible and accountable for our actions


  • act in the best interest of the stakeholders
  • uphold the highest level of institutional integrity and personal conduct
  • build respect and transparent relationships with partner organizations, governing bodies, staff and volunteers to gain public trust


  • facilitate the maintenance and development of collections
  • acquire, care for, and exhibit collections with transparency and competency
  • treat museum collections as cultural and historic assets, not financial assets

Public Engagement and Benefit:

  • actively engage to work in partnership with existing audiences and reach new and diverse audiences
  • endeavor to treat everyone equally, with honesty and respect
  • provide and generate accurate information
  • support freedom of speech, expression and debate
  • use collections for public benefit - for learning, inspiration and enjoyment