Our Archives is organized into collections relating to specific subjects (fonds). Below is a listing of our current holdings. Our entire archive collection has been donated by local residents and groups.
If you are interested in researching information from our archives, please make an appointment in order to ensure we have research assistance available. Research and Reproduction Fees Apply (Fee Schedule).

Agricola School fonds

Ardrossan Community League fonds

Ardrossan fonds

Ardrossan Schools fonds

Ardrossan Willing Workers fonds

Baker School and District #523 fonds

Ball family fonds

Bev Facey Composite High School fonds

Briggs family fonds

Broadmoor Junior High School fonds

Brookville Busy Bees fonds

Cam and Joy Finlay fonds

Castle School and District #571 fonds

Christie family fonds

Clover Bar fonds

Clover Bar Ladies Aid Society fonds

Clover Bar School District #212 fonds

Clover Bar School Division #13 fonds

Clover Bar United Farm Women of Alberta fonds

Clover Bar United Farm Women’s Association fonds

Colchester District fonds

Colchester School and District #452 fonds

Colchester Women’s Institute fonds

Colonel Frederick Charles and Anne Jamieson fonds

Cooking Lake fonds

Cooking Lake School and District #2625 fonds

County of Strathcona #20 School System fonds

County of Strathcona Fire Departments fonds

Culture and Heritage Association of Strathcona County fonds

Dittrich family fonds

Drader family fonds

East Clover Bar School and District #1001 fonds

East Edmonton 4H Dairy Calf Club fonds

East Edmonton Community League fonds

East Edmonton School District #98 and Schools fonds

East Edmonton Social Club fonds

East Salisbury Welfare Society fonds

Ecole Campbelltown School fonds

Edna Beatrice Parker-Nordon fonds

Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division #14 fonds

Elk Island Regional Honor Choirs Association fonds

Fort Saskatchewan Schools fonds

Franklin School and District #1690 fonds

Fulton family fonds

Fultonvale Goodwill Club fonds

Fultonvale School and District #2477 fonds

Garden Community Association fonds

George Milner fonds

Good Hope School and District #660 fonds

Gray family fonds

Hanlan family fonds

Henschel and Kublik families fonds

Herbert Belcourt fonds

John and Mary Marshall fonds

John Ashton fonds

Josephburg School and District #296 fonds

Latam family fonds

Madonna Community School fonds

Marsh family fonds

Mary McWilliam fonds

Mearl Rogers (Roger) Parker fonds

Millie Rice fonds

Ministik School and District #1796 fonds

North Cooking Lake Post Office fonds

Olson family fonds

Ottewell family fonds

Pine Street School fonds

Reynolds family fonds

Rotary Club of Sherwood Park fonds

Salisbury Composite High School fonds

Salisbury Light and Power Cooperative Association fonds

SCMA Church Collection fonds

Ardrossan United sous-fonds
Bruderfeld Moravian sous-fonds
Bruderheim Moravian sous-fonds
Clover Bar Circuit sous-fonds
Clover Bar United sous-fonds
Cooking Lake sous-fonds
Drive-In sous-fonds
Fultonvale Chapel sous-fonds
Fultonvale United sous-fonds
Josephburg United Church of Christ sous-fonds
Looma Mission sous-fonds
Ministik United Church sous-fonds
Miscellany sous-fonds
Mount Olivet Lutheran sous-fonds
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic sous-fonds
Partridge Hill United sous-fonds
Saint Stephen’s Anglican sous-fonds
Salisbury Untied sous-fonds
Sherwood Park Alliance sous-fonds
Sherwood Park Pentecostal Assembly sous-fonds
Sherwood Park Seventh-Day Adventist sous-fonds
Sherwood Park United sous-fonds
South Cooking Lake United sous-fonds
St. John’s Lutheran sous-fonds
St. Margaret’s Catholic sous-fonds
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran sous-fonds
St. Thomas Anglican sous-fonds
Trinity Baptist sous-fonds
Wye United sous-fonds

SCMA Educators Collection fonds

SCMA Family History Collection fonds

Abercrombie family sous-fonds
Allan family sous-fonds
Atkinson family sous-fonds
Baker, Floyd and Stella sous-fonds
Barry family sous-fonds
Bell family sous-fonds
Birkholz family sous-fonds
Bodell family sous-fonds
Bremner family sous-fonds
Byers family sous-fonds
Campbell, John Hook sous-fonds
Chamberlain family sous-fonds
Chambers family sous-fonds
Coble family sous-fonds
Crosswhite family sous-fonds
Daly family sous-fonds
Davidson family sous-fonds
Dawdy family sous-fonds
Dowling, Arthur and Heather-Belle sous-fonds
Dreger family sous-fonds
Dunham family sous-fonds
Easton family sous-fonds
Ellett family sous-fonds
Elzinga, Peter sous-fonds
Eskelson family sous-fonds
Evans, Iris sous-fonds
Fraser family sous-fonds
Garbe family sous-fonds
Grummett family sous-fonds
Harke family sous-fonds
Harrold family sous-fonds
Harvey family sous-fonds
Hawkins family sous-fonds
Haythorne family sous-fonds
Hecko family sous-fonds
Henderson family sous-fonds
Hill family sous-fonds
Horton, Harry sous-fonds
Hosford family sous-fonds
Hoyler family sous-fonds
Hulbert family sous-fonds
Jackson family sous-fonds
Jones family sous-fonds
Kephart family sous-fonds
Kreamer family sous-fonds
Krebs family sous-fonds
Lang family sous-fonds
Lawrence family sous-fonds
Lendrum family sous-fonds
Leuders family sous-fonds
Longmore family sous-fonds
Marler family sous-fonds
Matheson family sous-fonds
McCalla family sous-fonds
McGhan family sous-fonds
McLean family sous-fonds
Meyer family sous-fonds
Miscellany sous-fonds
Nettrouer family sous-fonds
Omnesss family sous fonds
Parker family sous-fonds
Paterson family sous-fonds
Paul family sous-fonds
Reed family sous-fonds
Robinson family sous-fonds
Sanford family sous-fonds
Schmidt family sous-fonds
Schroter family sous-fonds
Seutter family sous-fonds
Sime family sous-fonds
Smeltzer family sous-fonds
Stephenson family sous-fonds
Swift family sous-fonds
Upright family sous-fonds
Wingrove family sous-fonds
Zutz family sous-fonds

SCMA Groups and Organizations fonds

Alberta Farmers Association of Clover Bar sous-fonds
Bremner Friendship Club sous-fonds
Broadmoor Business Ladies Curling Club sous-fonds
Broadmoor Lake Public Advisory Committee sous-fonds
Cadets sous-fonds
Canadian Girls in Training (CGIT) sous-fonds
Clover Bar League sous-fonds
County of Strathcona Services Directory sous-fonds
Deville-North Cooking Lake Community League sous-fonds
East Clover Bar united Farmers Association sous-fonds
East Edmonton Young People’s Social Club sous-fonds
Ellerslie Recreation and Curling Association sous-fonds
Fultonvale Community League sous-fonds
Fultonvale Social Credit Group sous-fonds
Glen Garden Senior Citizens Club sous-fonds
Guides sous-fonds
Hurtswood Park Community League sous-fonds
Ivories Music Club sous-fonds
Knights of Columbus sous-fonds
L.I.F.E. Education Council Society of Strathcona County sous-fonds
Legion of Frontiersmen sous-fonds
Loyal Orange Association sous-fonds
Masonic Lodge sous-fonds
Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants Association sous-fonds
Robin Hood Association sous-fonds
Royal Canadian Legion Sherwood Park Branch #277 sous-fonds
Salisbury Social Credit Study Group sous-fonds
Sherwood Park District Chamber of Commerce sous-fonds
Sherwood Park Archery Club sous-fonds
Sherwood Park Cultural Heritage Resource Committee sous-fonds
Sherwood Park Figure Skating Club sous-fonds
Sherwood Park Lions Club sous-fonds
Strathcona County Senior Citizens Advisory Committee sous-fonds
Strathcona Sheltered Society sous-fonds
Wye Red Cross Aid sous-fonds

SCMA Local Districts Collection fonds

Beaver Hills sous-fonds
Bremner sous-fonds
Brookville sous-fonds
Deville sous-fonds
Fort Saskatchewan sous-fonds
Fultonvale sous-fonds
Garden sous-fonds
Good Hope sous-fonds
Half Moon Lake sous-fonds
Hastings Lake sous-fonds
Josephburg sous-fonds
Ministik sous-fonds
Partridge Hill sous-fonds
Salisbury sous-fonds
Uncas sous-fonds
Wye sous-fonds
Ypres Valley sous-fonds

SCMA Schools and Districts Collection fonds

Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School sous-fonds
Beaver Lake School sous-fonds
Bolton School and District #1099 sous-fonds
Brentwood School sous-fonds
Brookville School and District #1530 sous-fonds
Clover Bar Junior High School sous-fonds
Clover Bar Village School and District #4174 sous-fonds
Deep Creek School and District #367 sous-fonds
Douglas School and District #1929 sous-fonds
Elk Island Holy Trinity Catholic Separate Regional Division # 23 sous-fonds
Ellerslie Junior High School sous-fonds
Ellerslie School and District #355 sous-fonds
F.R. Haythorne Junior High School sous-fonds
Father Kenneth Kearns Catholic School sous-fonds
Garden School and District #1697 sous-fonds
Glen Allan Elementary School sous-fonds
Hastings Lake School and District #2939 sous-fonds
Jean Vanier Catholic School sous-fonds
Mansfield School and District #716 sous-fonds
Mill Creek – Ellerslie School and District #355 sous-fonds
Mills Haven Elementary School sous-fonds
North Clover Bar School and District #3117 sous-fonds
North Cooking Lake School and District #2625 sous-fonds
Oliver School and District #622 sous-fonds
Ostoskwan School and District #482 sous-fonds
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School sous-fonds
Parkside School and District #2574 sous-fonds
Partidge Hill School and District # 280 sous-fonds
Pleasant View School and District #663 sous-fonds
Rabbit Hill School and District #369 sous-fonds
Radom School and District #4023 sous-fonds
Salisbury Roman Catholic Separate School District #105 sous-fonds
Salisbury Rural School and District #530 sous-fonds
Sandy Lake School and District #645 sous fonds
Sherwood Park Separate School District sous-fonds
South Edmonton School and District #3341 sous-fonds
St. Theresa Catholic School sous-fonds
Uncas School and District #2238 sous-fonds
Wes Hosford School sous-fonds
Westboro Elementary School sous-fonds
Whitemud School and District #298 sous-fonds
Woodbridge Farms Elementary School sous-fonds
Yorkville School and District #1537 sous-fonds
Ypres Valley School and District #3952 sous-fonds

SCMA Student Work Collection fonds

Scout Groups fonds

Sherwood Heights Junior High School fonds

Sherwood Park and District Garden Club fonds

Sherwood Park Community League Association fonds

Sherwood Park fonds

Sherwood Park Royal Purple #287 fonds

Sherwood Park Star fonds

South Cooking Lake Community League fonds

South Edmonton Mutual Telephone Company fonds

Stannard family fonds

Stiansen family fonds

Strathcona County Cemeteries fonds

Strathcona County fonds

Strathcona County International Women’s Day Committee fonds

Strathcona County Museum & Archives fonds

Strathcona County Retired Teachers’ Association fonds

Thomlinson family fonds

Trimble family fonds

Uncas School and District #2238 fonds

Van Camp family fonds

Wilkinson family fonds

William and Dorothy Horton fonds

Williams family fonds

Willing Workers Club of East Edmonton fonds

Wimbledon School and District #399 fonds

Wunderly family fonds

Wye (Hillsdale) School and District #611 fonds

Wye Ladies Aid fonds

Wye Recreation Association fonds

Yohemas family fonds

Ypres Valley Ladies Aid fonds