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Strathcona County Museum & Archives is an independent non-profit organization governed by  The Strathcona County Heritage Foundation.

The original members of the Foundation were Reginald Gray, Sheila Abercrombie, Clarence Drader, Albert Hacking, Donald Mallon, and J.D. Morrow. 

The current Board consists of 14 directors who volunteer their time serving on the board as well as participating in Museum activities, displays, exhibits and functions.  The Foundation also employs two permanent staff: Manager/Curator Starr Hanson and Administrative Assistant Sandra Stevenson.

Our Mission

The Foundation will collect, preserve,  research, exhibit, and interpret objects that illustrate history,  heritage, natural resources, and development from pre-history to the present within Strathcona County.

Ed Marsh, President

Irv Drefs, Vice President

George Wunderly, Past President

Georgina Thurgood, Secretary

Joy Griffiths, Treasurer

John Hender, Director

Monroe Kinloch, Director

David Drader, Director

Wendy Ackerman, Director

Stu Hosler, Director

Bob Stiansen, Director

Agnes Christie, Honorary Director

Reg Gray, Honorary Director

George Milner, Honorary Director

Board of Directors