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History is the story we tell of what happened in the past. We promote awareness and appreciation of our local history, create a sense of pride, and encourage visitors to share what has been learned with family, friends, and community.



“The set of all things,  places and ideas we have inherited from the past that are special to a community (including both natural and  man-made elements).”  - Canadian Heritage

Our Lasting Recognition Program began five years ago. With the efforts and many volunteered hours of President Ed Marsh and Past President George Wunderly we have been able to recognize 26 sites in Strathcona County.  We have marked each site with a bronze plaque and a brief story about the site.

Lasting Recognition


Visitors can use the Research Library resources for home-schooling and to obtain information about family, community and local government history.

Researchers can use the Reference Room, archives and oral histories to access information about local families and organizations.  Click here to hear a sample of our oral histories given by County residents.

What are Archives?

Archives refer to a collection of records and the location in which they are kept. Archives consist of records created during the course of an individual or organization's life.  These records have been selected for preservation. They may be any media and are generally unpublished. The highest level of organization of records is known as Fonds.

What is an Artifact? 

An artifact refers to an object such as an article, container, device, pottery, work of art produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, weapon, or ornament of archaeological or historical interest.


The Museum and the Strathcona County have been working together to make Archives accessible by the public.  Oral histories, along with some family and business archival records, are available at the Museum .

Strathcona County Heritage Legacy - visit the Strathcona County website for more information.  Currently an inventory survey of archives in the County is being collected in order to preserve our county’s history.