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Starr Hanson


The Museum provides culture - a Life Experience.

 Culture is used as a vehicle to achieve certain public goods; where such achievement results in direct benefit to all.

A Museum is great as it is a vital role in our community and serves the public through preservation, study and interpretation of history and heritage as we promote both education and enjoyment.

Strong, sustained, and mutually beneficial relationships with our community is critical to the Museum seeking to play timely, relevant, positive, and socially responsible roles in society. We are focused on building our knowledge and skills associated with effective community cultural and social development activities, which could strengthen our capacity to:

· assess personal, professional, and organizational readiness to initiate additional community partnerships

· identify community characteristics and needs

· define potential community roles and relationships

· acquire personal and organizational community cultural development competencies

· build and sustain reciprocal, mutually beneficial relationships with diverse groups through a range of appropriate and collaborative initiatives

· interact with communities in respectful and culturally appropriate ways

· include and balance diverse perspectives associated with effective community cultural and social development activities

· deal with controversy and resolve conflict

· measure the effectiveness of community partnerships

Function of a Museum

Our goal is to be an effective Museum. To provide the community with rich and welcoming environments in which diverse learning experiences can take place. We understand the unique role of the Museum as a learning environment, and strengthen our understandings of the ways in which both visitors and staff learn in and use the Museum.  Focus will be on the integration of personal knowledge and experiences as a learner and/or a ‘teacher’ in the Museum.

· responsible for improving quality of life

· attracts people to the community

· children are off the streets

· to support the importance to culture

· connection to our roots

· contribute to mental health

· connecting cultures in our community

· creates a sense of community

· creativity – dynamic, more options and ideas

· facilitate communication

· literacy and lifelong learning

· sense of collective identity

· freedom of expression and opportunity

· breaks down gender identity

· can increase tolerance

· enhance environment – audio/visual

· economic benefit

· ascetic value to community

· helps develop our own sense of beauty

· can be a vehicle to support family units

How does the Museum benefit our community?

Our current Partnerships

Manager/Curator Starr Hanson is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with many youth and adults through programs like Youth Justice, Bev Facey, Community Service, and other life-challenged adult programs. We have supported many organizations and businesses in the Strathcona County area in hope to be recognized as a key component to the community. 

We are developing a package to be presented to the schools in Strathcona County and surrounding areas making them aware of the educational aspect of the Museum, which coincides with the K-6 curriculum.  We have taken pictures of our various artifacts and intend to provide provenance and a description of the artifact.  Our presentation will focus on our First Nations room and pioneer life in general so the teachers are better informed of what we have to offer. Once this has been implemented in the Strathcona County area we have a goal to attract more of the Edmonton and surrounding area schools.

Partnering with Community